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Slin Says

Welcome parents! I’m ‘Slin, the Riding On Insulin mascot. (My name is ‘Slin, like inSuLIN—get it?) If you or someone in your family lives with type 1 diabetes, and is ready for a one-of-a-kind action sports experience, then you’ve come to the right place. Riding On Insulin is a completely insured, registered 501c3 nonprofit based in Whitefish, Montana that operates programs for kids, teens and adults living with type 1 diabetes in four countries around the world.


If we operate a camp in your area, mark your calendar because our programs typically come around only once a year! And although we may not have a camp or program in your state, you have the option to travel to any camp you’d like or contact us for more information on getting a camp started in your area. But before you email us, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions to gain a better understanding of what our programs are like. We look forward to meeting you soon!


Riding On Insulin is a registered 501c3 nonprofit and its programs are fully insured. Participants between the ages of 7-17 are placed in groups with at least two adults who either have type 1 themselves, or know how to deal with type 1 diabetes. We have medically certified nurses, CDEs and doctors at each program to oversee the safety of campers, and our volunteer coaches are trained before each event and armed with tons of low supplies, walkie talkies to communicate with the ROI team, and the knowledge on proper protocol for dealing with type 1 diabetes at the location—be it on a mountain at high elevation, on a racetrack in the desert, or any other action sports venue we choose!


Our programs vary in cost, depending on the location. Typically, we charge a “per camper” participation fee that includes everything for the participant. If siblings or other “type 3s” want to participant, great! They must be registered and paid for the same way you register kids with type 1 diabetes. Parents don’t need to register themselves for the program, although there are typically options for parents to join in for lunch, dinner, discounted lift tickets to ski on their own, and a free parent networking session while the kids are out having fun! Occassionally, we do have scholarships available, and a full application for financial assistance is required. Otherwise, families can pay $50 to register and fundraise for their participation fee using our fundraising partner website, StayClassy.

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